Press on Nails on a Come Back???

Press on Nails on a Come Back???

What if you could get the nail salon look without having to go to the nail salon??? 

Sometimes, we forget to make that nail appointment, or a last-minute event pops up. Well, I've got the perfect solution for you, Press on Nails!

I know, there's a skepticism about the press on's, but chile, they have EVOLVED okay!

The reemerging glue-on nails available today are not the same flimsy, plastic, un-fashionable, nails from back in the day. I remember watching my mom applying her press-on nails when I was a kid. She was the truth though because they didn't look cheap and plastic-like. 


The Press on Nail is definitely on a comeback. I first recognized the potential when I started seeing new appealing styles at the local stores. Then, one day, I saw an Instagram story from Social Media Influencer, Jayda Cheaves, applying her press-on nails and I thought, "okay, I see you press-ons'!!".


Today, you can find Press on Nails that look like a nail salon full-set. They're easy to apply in a minimum amount of time, they're non-damaging to your nails when applied and removed correctly, and they offer a wide range of versatility.

If you're still skeptical like I once was, I recommend just trying out a set. You've got nothing to lose and I promise you'll thank me later.


Z Beauti KlawZ offers a collection of reusable, stylish and durable, glue-on nails. Visit KlawZ or choose a Beauti Look of the Week, to view our current Press on Nail Collection!

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