Which Lace Should You Be Choosing???

Which Lace Should You Be Choosing???

Okay, so you’re shopping for the look and you’ve finally decided on your desired wig’s length and texture. Now you’re like, “What’s the difference between all these laces???” 

Sis! I get it.

This is a question that I had to get an answer to because it was just too much.

It seems like there’s a new type of lace that pops up every other week but that’s just how innovation works. Knowing the basics will allow you to feel comfortable with your Lace Wig purchase.


There are 2 types of lace, Swiss and French

French lace is a thick and durable material, you may see this lace on some beauty supply store wigs. 

Swiss lace is a thinner material, not as durable as the French lace but it melts better into the skin. 

Swiss lace comes in four main types or, shades: Brown, Light Brown, Transparent, and HD.


How do you choose the one that will work for you?

Ideally, you want the lace to match your scalp color. Part your hair and take a look at how the shade of your skin blends into the shade of your scalp. That's the assignment Sis, you want to mimic that blend. This means that if you like to leave extra lace beyond the hairline, tint that portion to match your skin tone but keep the color behind the hairline the shade of your scalp.

Lace Types/Shades

Brown Lace is beneficial for darker skin tones. 

Light Brown Lace is beneficial for most if not all brown skin tones. You can always tint this lace darker which makes this a wiser choice over the Brown Lace.

Transparent Lace is ideal for light and fair skin tones. However, darker skin tones will benefit from this lace type/color as well. Transparent lace can be easily customized to match any shade so let this be your go-to when you're unsure.

HD Lace is a more delicate and see-through type of swiss lace that will give any skin tone, The Perfect Melt. HD Lace is the more expensive option and depending on wig application and care, it may not last as long as other options due to its delicacy. 


Z Beauti StrandZ offers Light Brown, Transparent, and HD lace options. All of these options are highly customizable and we've chosen the thinnest material that we could find for our available lace types. Visit StrandZ or choose a Beauti Look of the Week, to view our current Lace Wig LineUp! 

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