Three Sistahz Herbal Conditioner

Three Sistahz Herbal Conditioner

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Three Sistahz Herbal Conditioner is a natural chemical-free and deeply hydrating conditioner that moisturizes and detangles after wash, nourishes and balances scalp and hair roots to encourage your hair to grow strong and healthy, promotes and accentuates natural curl patterns, and adds luster, shine and moisture to the hair. 


Application Instructions:

After shampooing, apply to wet hair and work through the strands and rinse. For deep conditioning treatments, leave conditioner in the hair for 15 minutes under heat with processing cap (shower cap) or 25-30 minutes without heat and rinse with cool to room temperature water. Conditioner can also be used as a leave in conditioner when mixed with water.



Aqua, *Coconut Oil, *Argan Oil, *Avocado Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Olive Oil, *Almond Oil, *Flaxseed Extract, *Grape Seed Oil, *Grapefruit Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, *Vitamin E, Emulsifying Wax, *Comfrey Root Extract, *Nettle Extract, *Sage Extract